Meal Preparation

In Home Meal Preparation Service for Seniors in Monterey County

Let Us Do the Cooking for You

One of the most important aspects of aging well is a healthy, well-balanced diet and a consistent eating schedule. Pearl’s Monterey Senior Care can help your loved one maintain a healthy lifestyle by providing both in home meal preparation service and in home cooking, making every meal an enjoyable experience. 

Our caregiving team is experienced in planning and creating meals that match specific dietary needs and food preferences. All of this care and attention fosters a more rewarding home environment where your loved one can enjoy home-cooked, nutritious food without having to do any of the work themselves. Pearl’s caregiving team does not deliver meals but can plan, prepare and serve meals as needed.

Our in home meal preparation service can include:

  • Creating meal plans
  • Grocery shopping
  • Food preparation and cooking
  • Monitoring fluid intake
  • Assistance with feeding
  • Clean-up after meals

Contact Pearl’s Monterey Senior Care to learn more about our In Home Meal Preparation service in your area and how you can tailor a meal plan for your loved one today.